Urban Cosmonaut Tales

Release date - 14 Aug 16 | All Label, Releases
Urban Cosmonaut Tales

Urban Cosmonauts! Our first compilation: Urban Cosmonaut Tales. Enjoy!

Bed time stories you tell to a younger generation to prepare them for their future cosmic trips and help them understand the world they come from. So, young cosmic travelers, let’s start a trip through the intercultural spaces of the musicverse.

1. Gama – Sagitta
2. Spaniol feat. Senceylik – Ay
3. Pigmalião – Sahel
4. Ninze – Nocturne I
5. David Mears – Varanasi
6. URUBU Marinka – Ziriab
7. Dogu Civicik – Flower
8. Edu Lobo – Viola Fora de Moda (Cau Lopez Remix)
9. Barda – Iris
10. EXZ – Parsec
11. Rafaele Castiglione – Sabbat
12. Batu Ozer – Magus
13. Lemurian – The Healer
14. Nato – Babiley
15. Lobkowitz – Mount Sannine
16. s a n õ j – Basmah
17. Geju, Betelgeize, J.O – Uwi

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Urban Cosmonaut Tales

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