UCR 034 Martha Van Straaten

UCR #034 by Martha van Straaten

We’re kicking off 2017 with the always vibrant, always spirited Martha van Straaten. She’s given us a special podcast to remind us all of our diversity, but also our interconnectedness as human beings on Earth. Voilá her curated selection of tracks that are universally relatable, inspired by our collective’s cosmic theme. Her set will send […]

UCR 033 Kurup

UCR #033 by Kurup

Some say music is a matter of the heart. Others say it’s mathematics. But our next Urban Cosmonaut Radio artist thinks about music in his own way: he imagines the architecture in which he creates soundscapes, and then conjures up a narrative for melodies and rhythms. Kurup’s music is unexpected. It catches you off guard, […]

UCR 032 Ninze

UCR #032 by Ninze

Somewhere, way up there in a galaxy far, far away, there was a boy floating around in space. This boy’s head was filled with sounds so trippy, so unique and so melancholic – that when an idea came, it was unlike anything you’d ever heard before. The boy’s ears were filled with endless amounts of […]

UCR 031 Arutani

UCR #031 by Arutani

Arutani – an almost extinct language spoken by native inhabitants in Roraima, Venezuela. Arutani – a young and especially talented producer hailing from Caracas, Venezuela. Arutani – our next Urban Cosmonaut Radio artist, taking us on a trip through the cosmic universe. For those amongst you cosmonauts who are drawn to melancholy, enchanted by spherical […]

UCR 030 Mateo

UCR #030 by Mateo

When you travel to a foreign place, chances are you’d rather experience it through the eyes of a local. Someone who knows the hidden gems of the city, who understands how to move from one place to the next. Our next Urban Cosmonaut has done just that – this podcast isn’t just a bunch of […]

UCR 029 Lemurian

UCR #029 by Lemurian

Light, love and Lemurian …is all we need to awaken our senses. Podcast #29 was created specially for the Urban Cosmonaut Radioverse and consists of unreleased & mesmerizing productions, collaborations and remixes that come together in a gentle wave of beautiful melancholy. Describing his own music as an “ear massage” that translates downtempo vibrations of […]

UCR 028 Luis Rosenberg

UCR #028 by Luis Rosenberg

It’s funny how sometimes, you know that you’re boarding a vehicle to go on a trip without knowing exactly what the destination will be. Our next Urban Cosmonaut Radio Ship pilot #28, Luis Rosenberg, is known for doing just that – showing himself and his passengers just how many colours of the rainbow exist, and […]

UCR 027 Caleesi

UCR #027 by Caleesi

For our next podcast we present to you the Berlin-based, yet world-grown Caleesi. The “mother of dragons and lover of magical festivals” is one of those artists able to tell multi-faceted and fascinating stories – expect a thousand and one legends in one musical pilgrimage in her sets. Her mixes beautifully intertwine sounds, rhythms and […]

Urban Cosmonaut Tales

Urban Cosmonaut Tales

Urban Cosmonauts! Our first compilation: Urban Cosmonaut Tales. Enjoy! Bed time stories you tell to a younger generation to prepare them for their future cosmic trips and help them understand the world they come from. So, young cosmic travelers, let’s start a trip through the intercultural spaces of the musicverse. Urban Cosmonaut Tales by Urban […]

UCR 026 Pigmalião

UCR #026 by Pigmalião

The following Urban Cosmonaut Radio artist is a multi-layered musical spur, grabbing the world by storm. We proudly welcome Pigmalião. Also known as Daniel Lucas, Pigmalião is a Brazilian producer and honcho of the Latin American music label Frente Bolivarista. Using Brazil’s complex ethnic history as canvas, he takes his music from there to numerous […]