UCR #042 by Ali Kuru

Today in our podcast series we welcome Ali Kuru and present you the heap of wonder that he prepared for us! The renowned Turkish DJ and producer delights us with a characteristic mixture of slow textured deep beats, oriental sounds, ethnic percussions and jazzy motifs. The mix that Ali prepared for UCR abounds with his […]

UCR Ulises – Uña

This EP is inspired by the cultural heritage which the Argentines and Chileans seek to perpetuate. Ulises has developed cultural and emotional bonds towards the natives, whose struggles he feels and shares. Struggles for their own traditions, their own lands and their own existence. Thanks to the resistance of cultures like the Mapuche we can […]

UCR #041 by ALUNA

After a little break, we are now delighted to welcome ALUNA to our podcast series. ALUNA depicts the joined talents and complementary creations of Maywa and Steffen Kirchhoff, world travellers and soul explorers. Their music project aspires to the creation and spreading of ritualistic music, leading the listeners to reconnect with the Earth, to harmonize […]

Urban Cosmonaut Reveries

Dear dreamers! We are happy to present you our second compilation: “Urban Cosmonaut Reveries”. Lay back and enjoy! Urban Cosmonaut Reveries by Urban Cosmonaut Tracklist 1. P.r.Λ.Λ.H & Steffen Kirchhoff (feat. Luna) – Urban Birds 06:32 2. Iorie & Arutani – El Llanto Del Mar 09:15 3. y e l a g u a – […]

UCR 040 EXZ cover

UCR #040 by EXZ

Welcome back Cosmonaut! For this month’s radio show we’re excited to present you with São Paolo’s mystic master of drops: EXZ. As a person rather quiet, his sound speaks volumes of a wild and beautiful mind. His profound and psychedelic productions have their origin about ten years ago, when Alexandre first started to grapple with […]

UCR 039 Mimi Love

UCR #039 by Mimi Love

Our next urban cosmic-cast was mixed by an artist who needs no introduction. Mimi Love has played herself into the hearts of countless people all over the globe with her signature sound and unforgettable gigs. Her sets are diverse and distinct, and have been known to move people’s hearts and feet in equal measure wherever […]

UCR 038 Geju

UCR #038 by Geju

We are delighted to present the live premiere of Russian producers Geju, who composed a 100-minute live set that will send you free-falling through the Cosmic universe. George Topuridze and Denis Kurchenko are a creative duo based in Moscow. When they aren’t hosting the Levelvda events in their hometown, the pair can be found pushing […]

UCR 037 So'ham

UCR #037 by So’ham

In Vedic philosophy, So’ham (सो ऽहम्) means identifying oneself with the universe or with ultimate reality. This says a lot about our very own Urban Cosmonaut artist, whose incredible music collection is wildly diverse and full of treasures, yet consistent in that each track has an inherent notion of truth that is intangible and gentle […]

UCR 036 Dandara

UCR #036 by Dandara

When listening to Dandara’s tunes, it’s easy to hear where he gets his inspiration from. Although he’s originally based in Basel, Switzerland, you can currently find him exploring beaches and jungles in South America – where he is touring and travelling the continent, spreading his positive musical vibes as he goes. His sound reflects his […]

UCR 034 Donev

UCR #035 by Donev

In a place called Arkhangelsk, on the shore of the White Sea, a musician watches the water flow into the Arctic Ocean. The stars are much brighter, and more twinkly there than here, lighting up the sky in northwestern Russia. Lush forests, harsh climate and a seemingly endless Milky Way are the only – and […]