UCR #026 by Pigmalião

Release date - 27 Jul 16 | All Releases
UCR 026 Pigmalião

The following Urban Cosmonaut Radio artist is a multi-layered musical spur, grabbing the world by storm. We proudly welcome Pigmalião.
Also known as Daniel Lucas, Pigmalião is a Brazilian producer and honcho of the Latin American music label Frente Bolivarista. Using Brazil’s complex ethnic history as canvas, he takes his music from there to numerous sources, free of local, provincial or national ideas. This makes of Pigmalião a truly cosmopolitan artist. His sound transcends and takes us, vivid listeners, on a voyage of global serenades and transcultural melodies.
This mix indeed goes way beyond his Latin American roots. As a matter of fact, this particular set – recorded live at KaterBlau this past 22 July – is a multifaceted fusion of cadence and multiregional tunes that ebb and flow in one musical expedition. For Pigmalião, music is proof of how united we all are as a human race and this set is a lucid testimony of it. We will be taken on an eclectic road of percussions, vocals and cadence from here, there and everywhere. Would you fancy coming along?

00:00:00 ••• Teta Lando ••• Irmão Ama Teu Irmão (Pigmalião Live Remix)
00:05:40 ••• Afous d’Afous ••• Tarhanine Tegla (Pigmalião Live Remix)
00:10:30 ••• Pigmalião ••• El Camino Para Zaña
00:15:00 ••• Pigmalião ••• Kleinen Buhen
00:18:55 ••• Pigmalião ••• Banzo de Muri
00:23:30 ••• Territorio Comanche Ft. Puloy ••• Cumbia Resistencia (Pigmalião Remix)
00:28:20 ••• Mulatu Astatke ••• Gumuz (Pigmalião Rework)
00:34:00 ••• Pigmalião ••• Untitled (Live)
00:38:00 ••• Stephen Encinas ••• Lypso Illusion (Pigmalião Live Remix)
00:44:30 ••• SidiRum & Barda ••• Los Sueños (Pigmalião Remix)
00:50:30 ••• St.Tropez ••• Belle de Jour (Pigmalião Live Remix)

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Playlist Pigmalião UCR 026

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