UCR #023 by Nato & Sahalé

Release date - 02 Jun 16 | All Releases
UCR 023 Nato & Sahale

Our next podcast is a special live set by the newest Paris-based members to our Urban Cosmonaut Radio artist family.

Individually, Nato & Sahalé bring us to worlds of ethnic vocals, percussions and wonderfully tantalizing melodies – each in their own special way. For the 23rd Urban Cosmonaut Radio podcast, they have combined their powers in a timeless live set that takes listeners on a gentle journey through mysterious lands of the oriental past.

Inspired by their travels and diverse musical influences, this set is the symbiosis of computer scientist Nato and sound craftsman Sahalé. Their productions take their time in building up, releasing in vast spheres of melody, haunting voices and tribal rhythms. We close our eyes, letting them guide us to distant moons in different galaxies, knowing that with Nato & Sahalé, a kind of delicate beauty will engulf us if we trust them enough to follow them on a trip through cosmic portals of endless, profound music.

We welcome our brothers to the UCR clan and say: bon voyage to the moon, the moons beyond that and back *****

00:00:00 ••• Nato ••• Hayr
00:06:15 ••• Nato & Sahalé ••• Bagliama
00:16:48 ••• Sahalé ••• Tortuous Maze
00:25:10 ••• Nato ••• Tedora
00:32:10 ••• Dakha Brakha ••• Yagydku (Sahalé Edit)
00:39:20 ••• Sahalé ••• Nlreb Mra Alrrih (Playing With The Wind)
00:45:30 ••• Nato ••• Earth of Naka
00:52:30 ••• Nato & Sahalé ••• Eleven moons

Discover and explore more:
Nato on SoundCloud
Sahalé on SoundCloud

Playlist Nato & Sahalé UCR 023

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