UCR #014 by Leichtigkeit des Seins

Release date - 11 Jan 16 | All Releases
UCR 014 Leichtigkeit des Seins

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome aboard Urban Cosmonaut Radio Flight No.14. Your captains on this cosmic flight today are Leichtigkeit des Seins – a musically impassioned duo from the Ural Mountains of Russia.
During the course of this flight we will be passing over the somewhat rocky territory of percussive beat rhythms, over wide fields of lush melodies and occasional oriental winds blowing in from the East.
The pilots will guide you on a trip through their own musical adventures, a continuing journey that started in mid 2013. Since then, Leichtigkeit des Seins have travelled through the musicverse with a jet fueled with passion and an ear for a distinct sound, leaving behind traces of their discoveries in their sets.
This podcast was recorded for your listening pleasure in the cold winter light of day, in a place inspired by intercosmic radio waves and rare musical shooting stars. Please fasten your seatbelts and place your headphones as instructed by a crew member.
We wish you a pleasant flight and hope to see you again aboard Urban Cosmonaut Radio airlines.

00:00:00 ••• Hobta ••• Solima
00:07:50 ••• Caterkarlos ••• Neckspirale
00:15:00 ••• Rasar ••• Dolores
00:21:20 ••• Walker ••• Tribute To An Old Punk (Rework)
00:28:28 ••• Rasar ••• Black Again
00:34:22 ••• Ninze ••• Sylva
00:40:25 ••• Oscar B ••• Der Nachtfalter
00:48:01 ••• Rasar ••• Far
00:53:35 ••• Rasar ••• Lost in Autumn
01:00:58 ••• Rasar ••• Am Rand der Realität
01:08:30 ••• Jacob Groening ••• Kemal
01:15:40 ••• Steve Stash ••• Arab Stash
01:23:20 ••• Wide Awake ••• Verum
01:29:03 ••• Coss ••• Shift IV (LDS Live)

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Playlist Leichtigkeit des Seins UCR 014

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